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XP Deus 2 WS6 Master with 13" Coil

XP Deus 2 WS6 Master with 13" Coil

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  • MF®: Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency or 49 single frequencies from 4 to 45 kHz

  • All terrain: high performance on land and on the beach

  • Accurate in depth Target ID. Press the two right button together to get the T.ID full screen!

  • 12 installed factory programs + 12 users

  • Wide and precise discrimination range

  • Multiple dynamic audio options: PWM, SQUARE, and more to come

  • Audio Response, Iron volume, Notch, Reactivity, Threshold with Audio frequency adjustable + many expert functions

  • Ground Grabbing

  • Motion and non-motion modes (pinpoint)

  • Fast Frequency Scan (EMI noise cancel in just 2 sec in Auto mode)

  • Control the headphone volume levels via the WS6 module

  • Wireless Headphones auto power On and Off

  • 4 Band Equalizer configurable on the WS6 module. Also works with the WSA II and WSA II-XL

  • More settings to come with the following updates

General features

  • XP wireless protocol (10 times faster than low latency Bluetooth) between the coil, the WS6 module, and the headphones (+ the optional wireless Pinpointer MI6)

  • The lightest detector in the world: from 750gr

  • Rainproof WS6 module

  • Waterproof coils 22.5cm (9’’) – 28cm (11’’) and 34x28 cm (13x11’’)

  • 3 wireless headphone choices (WS6 / WSAII / WSAII-XL)

  • WS6 is rain proof, light and foldable with a clear graphic screen (82gr)

  • USB software updates for WS6, WSA II and WSA II-XL

  • High performance lithium batteries (2-year warranty)

  • Battery life: Headphones 12 hours - Coil up to 20 hours depending on programs and frequencies (see user guide)

  • Quickly charge all 3 units in 3 hours

  • 5 Year warranty and designed to last

  • Made in france

  • Pending patents

Keep in mind it is an evolving device, please update to the latest version to get the best out of your WS6 MASTER.

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